What Foods Burn Belly Fat


foods-that-burn-belly-fat-diet-350-300x198As many of you already know, to get a six pack, you need to lose the belly fat. Why? Because even if you have muscles, your belly fat will be hiding your six pack. So before we try and get a six pack, you should learn what foods burn belly fat and which foods are just scam artists.

Here is a short list of foods that will burn belly fat. So what foods burn belly fat? Here is the list.

  • Oatmeal – Oatmeal will stay in your stomach for hours which means you will not be starving anytime soon.
  • Almonds and other nuts – Nuts will slim your tummy by keeping it full. I would recommend eating 24 almonds a day to satisfy your hunger without overloading on the calories.
  • Protein Powder – Protein powder is normal associated for weight lifters, but not anymore!  Protein powder contains amino acids which burns fat and build muscle.
  • Olive Oil – This will keep your cholesterol under control and won’t make you hungry.
  • Berries – Known for having a lot of fiber in a tiny package.
  • Eggs – Contains vitamin B12 which our body needs to metabolize fat.
  • Beans and Legumes – Beans are low-cal and packed with protein and fiber which will help you tone up and lose weight.
  • Meat and fish – Did you know that your body burns more calories digesting protein than carbs or fat?
  • Whole grains – Although whole grains are carbs, these are good for you.
  • Green vegetables – Although many of us don’t like vegetables, you can’t deny how good they are for you. Veggies like spinach and broccoli are loaded with fiber and very little calories.
So there it is. No more wondering about what foods burn belly fat. As you can see I only listed some foods that will burn belly fat. Here are the top 5 fat burning foods that you should note to burn belly fat.

If your belly looks like the picture above, it’s time to burn belly fat and get that fat stomach you’ve always wanted. It’s not hard to burn belly fat if you know what you’re doing. Don’t just randomly do whatever you think is right when burning belly fat. You need a game plan.  Doing thousands of  crunches won’t make you lose the belly fat. I wish it was that easy.

So instead of doing random things you think is right to lose your belly fat, you should learn how to burn belly fat the right way. There is no single thing you can do to lose your belly fat, it’s a combination of things that will ultimate lead you to burn belly fat. Take a look at this video to learn more about how to burn belly fat.

As you can see, there is no single exercise that will just work out your belly to lose the belly fat. So I bet you’re wondering if there is no specific exercise to burn off the belly fat, then what’s the best way to lose the belly fat? It’s simple, the best way to burn the belly fat is to reduce your overall body fat. This means proper nutrition and exercises.



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