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naked beauty symulast methodAs You’ve stumble upon this page you might be interested in naked beauty symulast method. You see, I had never exactly had the perfect body, but I had always felt fairly confident when I wore a swimsuit. That was until I noticed that I started to get some dimpling on and around my thighs and butt area. It didn’t look too bad at this point, but it made me feel uneasy about the way I looked and I was less happy to wear a swimsuit at the beach. Eventually I stopped swimming altogether and was conscious about what I was wearing to make sure no-one could see my bumpy legs and butt.

I tried all sorts of creams and at-home cellulite treatments, but nothing seemed to help. I was spending a lot of money on these creams and lotions, but it was just a waste. My cellulite was as bad as ever and I was getting more and more depressed looking at myself in the mirror.

Then I discovered Truth About Cellulite that changed my life forever…

I was on the internet looking for yet more cellulite treatments and solutions and then I came across a website that laid out a training program – naked beauty symulast that was specifically designed to target and combat cellulite. After all the money I had wasted on useless and expensive creams I was a little skeptical that a simple step-by-step tutorial could be the cure to my problems. But nevertheless I decided to give it a try anyway. I am so glad that I did.

Just 26 days after I had started with naked beauty symulast I actually could see that my cellulite was fading away right before my eyes. It hadn’t completely disappeared yet, but I could see a definite reduction in the crater like appearance that had taken over my thighs!

I was so happy, I knew from this point on that if I continued to use naked beauty symulast then I would see even better results. And I was right. I couldn’t believe that after all I had been through, with all the rubbish and useless creams that I had finally found the answer to all of my lumpy problems!

Here Are Some Facts About Cellulite

Product Details and Features

When trainer Joey Atlas spoke his mind about Cellulite, he referred to his years of education and experience. What makes his thoughts and solutions the right way forward? Well, his results have been speaking louder than his words. Usually a low profile trainer, Atlas built the Naked Beauty Symulast system with real women in mind, who wanted real results. It’s a perfect blend of programs that a woman needs to go through get that perfect body she wants.

Here is a look at what this program includes:

  • The Naked Beauty/Symulast Method: This is a short video that introduces women into Atlas’s cellulite free world. It prepares them for the upcoming program and what to expect in the days to come. It explains in details the scientific reason behind the makings of the product and its claims. Plain and simple, it offers the truth. This method is also available in a PDF format. Women who want to get rid of their ugly orange skin dimples can choose to either watch it or read it.
  • A Step-By-Step Guide: As the name suggests, it’s a detailed guide for women to follow. This guide doesn’t leave anything to guess work. Rather than providing options, it shows the path to a beautiful looking body. This guide serves as a preparatory step as well, where users can scan through the program and anticipate the happenings of the next one month.
  • Cardio Cheat Sheet: Exercise. If you want real results, you need get down to do the basic rules of fitness, good health, and vanity. Though not every woman needs to sweat it out, a majority of them do. And it’s not complicated. Simple exercises help lose oodles of weight and cellulite. This cardio cheat sheet provides a guideline to how cellulite reduction can be increased by doing the right kind and right amount of cardio-vascular exercises. While working out, it’s important to follow Atlas’s directions and posture specifications.
  • Newsletter: Joey doesn’t market himself as someone who knows everything. He is still learning the intricacies of his science and shares it with his users through the newsletter. Women who are willing to go the extra mile to get rid of their cellulite deposit can stay in touch with Joey’s latest findings. Being a part of the Naked Beauty Symulast program, it’s the exclusive first look to everything Joey finds.
  • Beauty Maintenance And Cellulite Prevention Schedule: It’s not over unless it’s maintained well. Once users reach their target look, this schedule makes sure that they are on track with their system. This not only helps prevent cellulite to come back, but also makes sure that users are on track with the program requirements. Once women see the effect of the program, the maintenance part of it is fairly simple.


There are definite advantages of using Joey Atlas’s cellulite reduction plan. Apart from being the brainchild of a professional and not of a business minded cosmetic company, the Naked Beauty method ensures that losing cellulite is not about treading the unhealthy path. It’s really the basics that Atlas stresses on. It’s all about a great lifestyle, regular exercise, and a work plan that makes thousands of women beach ready by the beginning of summer. Atlas targets specific areas in his series of videos for women of different shapes and sizes targeting the same goal.

The biggest advantage of this system is the guarantee that everything is natural and without side effects. The name associated with the product promises results and answers if it doesn’t work. It’s often frustrating to read through a list of side effects before starting any pop-the-pill kind of system but that’s not how this plan works. The Naked Beauty system reverses the effects of muscle atrophy and helps tone the muscles to solve the cellulite problem.


The only disadvantage of the Naked Beauty Symulast system is the kind of hard work and involvement is requires. It’s not a apply a cream and forget about it kind of a system. It’s actually something that will need dedication, education, and discipline. Most people in search of a cellulite solution opt for simple creams or gels because they promise to magically reduce the signs, but with the Naked Beauty Symulast system, there’s nothing left to chance or miracle. But then, the Naked Beauty Symulast system is not planned as a do and forget plan. It needs follow up, maintenance, and a high level of long term dedication. People unprepared for long months of work should steer clear of this plan.


Women who have tried everything on the shelf to get rid of their cellulite should definitely give this system a try. Being a low cost, side effects free product, there is hardly much to lose except for fat and weight. The name associated with the product is reputed and respected globally ensuring credibility and dependency. With Joey Atlas’s promise, losing the ugly cellulite deposits is definitely more possible than ever before. The Naked Beauty Symulast system targets the problem from the root of it making sure that it doesn’t come back to haunt. Stay in touch with fitness updates and tips and tricks to stay on top of the cellulite reduction game with Joey Atlas’s Naked Beauty Symulast.

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