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Which Foods Cause Heartburn?


The-causes-heartburnThere are a number of foods that cause heartburn. There are also number of foods that if you put it in your diet you will never get heartburn. Even if you make a balanced diet with the foods that cause heartburn, you won’t get any kind of heartburn.

Sometimes it happens that you get up in the night and you feel a pain in the lower chest. Sometimes the pain is so much that you feel if you are getting the heart attack. People do confuse the heartburn with heart attack if provided the condition it is too painful.
Here are some foods that cause heartburn or are the bad foods for heartburn and precautions are also mentioned so that the heartburn can be stopped. These are actually the kinds of heartburn treatment that you can do it yourself.

If you are more dependent on carbonated drinks then you are putting the foods that cause heart burn. Water is natural remedy from the heartburn. If you start using water in large quantity daily in your routine times you will see how dramatically it will reduce the heartburn. If you are using carbonated drinks you will be creating gastric distention. If the stomach gets distention, acid reflux will start to build up in the esophagus. So if you are believe that beverages are number one foods that cause heartburn, and then you should immediately cut down your intake of beverages.

There are many people especially the Americans which love the chocolate. Chocolate has caffeine; it is also taken before making love. Chocolate has some chemicals which stimulates the whole body. Taking too much of chocolate will fall in the foods that cause heartburn. If you take chocolate and after some time you realize that you are getting the heartburn, then you should avoid the chocolate. Chocolate has the ability to relax the Sphincter, which in turn paves the way for the acid to come back to esophagus. So chocolate can or can’t be the foods that cause heartburn, as it all depends on the situation of usage.

There are many other kinds of foods that Cause heartburn. All cannot be mentioned in one setting but most common foods that cause heartburn can be listed here. So here we go with the list of foods that cause heartburn.

  • Beverages which are carbonated.Beverages which have caffeine to stimulate the body and mind.
  • Any kind of alcohol taken into the empty stomach will become the foods that cause Heartburn.
  • Orange juice if taken even in small quantity to the empty stomach. It is the number one in the foods that cause heartburn.
  • Spicy foods can cause heartburn and it can or cannot fall in the foods that cause heartburn. If you put too much spices on the food or you are addicted to spices then yes it will cause the heart burn. If you use the spices at mild range it will not become the foods that cause heartburn. So avoiding the heartburn in this case is totally in your hands. Usually to cancel out the effect of spices, you have to drink at least 2 glass of water after one hour of meal. Drinking the cold or even room temperature water just after the dinner is not good for the health.
  • Grapes can also become the foods that cause heartburn. If you drink a pure glass of grape fruit you will get the heart burn. So you have to take the grapes and grapefruit in lighter quantity so that it does not becomes the foods that cause heartburn.
  • There is one food item on the list that becomes the foods that cause heartburn. The food item is the pepper mint which becomes the foods that cause phlegm. There are many people who believe that if you take pepper mint it will sooth the stomach and the heartburn. In reality the pepper mint is a heartburning item. One of the best ways to avoid the pepper mint becoming the foods that cause heartburn is that you should not take pepper mint right after the dinner. Yes it is true that if you are on a date and you take the pepper mint it will make your breath very refreshing but it will cause heartburn. The chances of becoming the part of foods that cause heartburn become very high if you have taken a rich meal in dinner.

These are some foods that fall in the bag of foods that cause heartburn. By using the above lists of food you can avoid the heartburn. The choice is always in your hand whether you want a spicy dinner or not and make it the foods that cause heartburn or not.



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